Act Now is a non profit Human Rights organisation that was set up by a former British Humanitarian Aid worker to expose the truth of the suffering in Sri Lanka.

The organisation was founded in 2008 after one of the Directors had lived and worked in the northern region where the conflict had been taking place and had witnessed first hand the suffering of the civilians caught up in the conflict.

Act Now have thousands of members across the globe and have campaign groups all across the UK. We work with these groups to raise awareness and lobby MPs to pressure the British government and the International Community to take action. We currently have the support of over 55 MPs and a number of members of the European Parliament.

Through our campaigns we have also managed to gain the support of a long list of celebrities including Bob Geldoff, Joanna Lumley, Brian May (Queen), M.I.A, Massive Attack, Sian Evans (Kosheen), Chris Steel, Jasmine Guinness (model) Jade Parfitt (model) and many others.

Act Now’s main goal when it was founded was to try stop the civil war in Sri Lanka. Sadly we did not achieve our main goal but we are sure helped save many lives.

Throughout the conflict Act Now was at the forefront of exposing the truth to the world through the international media. We have been working closely with and conducted interviews with news agencies such as CCN, Sky, BBC, Al Jazeera, Reuters and many others. We were the first independent organisation to report on many of the atrocities which took place.

We have also been involved in various other projects including the Mercy Mission, a project in which we sent a ship full with medicine and food to Sri Lanka during the conflict. We have also raised money through holding music events for various other charities which operate in the northern region of Sri Lanka, where the conflict took place.

As the situation is still desperate we continue to raise awareness about the suffering in Sri Lanka and the Human rights violations which continue to take place. We also continue to pressure the international community to push for War Crimes. After all the suffering we believe a UN supervised referendum is the only way forward now, as with East Timor.

Another key strategy of our campaign will be to encourage the world to boycott Sri Lanka for their human rights abuses and their war crimes. If the International communities will not apply sanctions to Sri Lanka we the people must. Currently we have joined forces with the American and Canadian groups to form a Global boycott campaign against Sri Lanka.

Act Now are involved in holding public meeting all across the UK, lobbying, visiting Universities, handing out fliers to the general public, protesting, online petition and lots of other events. So please contact us and get involved